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HS3 and BL Plugin Problems

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    HS3 and BL Plugin Problems

    With the release of the HS3 beta everyone can now try it out and all plugins as well.

    I have done my best to provide quality plugin builds for HS3 but I expect there will be issues come up.

    For all issues, please open a help desk ticket on my web site and make sure to include your HS3 version when creating the ticket (eg: HS BETA). Including the version will help me easily identify the HS3 issues.

    DO NOT post issues to the forums as they will likely be missed. The help desk on my web site is the best way to resolve issues. Make sure to post as much detail as possible in the ticket and provide any debug log files if you can.

    Make sure to make all comments in the ticket itself and DO NOT reply to the emails you receive from my system as the email gets sent to me directly instead of getting added to the ticket details.

    The link to the help desk is in my signature.

    Thanks for your help.
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