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  • Linux support?

    I'me moving to HS3 on a pi. So far I have tried your BLEmail and no joy.

    First, on the main plugin page the top menu bar (Status, Send Email, Email Accounts, etc.) does not show on the pi install, but does on Win7. Using the same Chrome instance to access both.

    Second, on the pi a folder is created at the root folder: "\usr\local\bin\homeseer\Data\BLEmail". This is linux so folder delimiters are '/' not '\'. I suspect the code may sometimes use / over \ and I think leads to the next item.

    If I take any portion of the config from the Win7 install, with email accounts setup, and copy it to the pi the pi version will crash somewhere in libpthread at startup but the output stack traces don't give me much more data to go on.

    Do you plan to support Linux with your plugins?

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    The only plugin right now that will work in Linux is BLRF.
    I have not had time yet for any others.
    I plan to support what I can and have time for.
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      Thanks for the info.