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I am thinking I need to write BLPhone

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    Thanks Bob,

    For the quick reply.
    Shame you are not continuing with it as I am sure it would have had extra "bells and whistles" beyond the HS offering.
    I fully understand the reasons for the answer but once again thanks for all the good work.



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      Originally posted by Pervez2602 View Post
      Everybody is getting rid of land lines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Not on this side of the pond buddy.

      I would suspect this as always is just based on America. We in the UK are stuck with a land line for our broadband / DSL services.
      Very true Sir, HST is an international product, but, just seem to ignore the international bit.
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        Thanks to a fellow - Brit

        Hi Cogs,
        Thanks for the vocal support!
        I must admit HS is a great product but there is life beyond America and it does seem the rest of the world is the poor relation.
        I often wonder what percentage of users are outside the US, I'm sure that
        will be one of lifes great unanswered questions.

        That aside I personally still think blade should write a phone plugin as I reckon we will just get a straight replacement for the HS2 version with nothing extra.

        Multiple lines for one thing and variable recall timings for the rest of the world.
        Would be nice.