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I am thinking I need to write BLPhone

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    Thanks Bob,

    For the quick reply.
    Shame you are not continuing with it as I am sure it would have had extra "bells and whistles" beyond the HS offering.
    I fully understand the reasons for the answer but once again thanks for all the good work.



      Originally posted by Pervez2602 View Post
      Everybody is getting rid of land lines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Not on this side of the pond buddy.

      I would suspect this as always is just based on America. We in the UK are stuck with a land line for our broadband / DSL services.
      Very true Sir, HST is an international product, but, just seem to ignore the international bit.
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        Thanks to a fellow - Brit

        Hi Cogs,
        Thanks for the vocal support!
        I must admit HS is a great product but there is life beyond America and it does seem the rest of the world is the poor relation.
        I often wonder what percentage of users are outside the US, I'm sure that
        will be one of lifes great unanswered questions.

        That aside I personally still think blade should write a phone plugin as I reckon we will just get a straight replacement for the HS2 version with nothing extra.

        Multiple lines for one thing and variable recall timings for the rest of the world.
        Would be nice.