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BLPhone for HS3, Please vote

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    I only voted no because I no longer have a land line. Had I still used one then certainly would have voted yes!


      I think this thread got resurrected from the dead. I think blphone was abandoned after HST ended up adding hsphone support into hs3.

      For the record, i'd still love to see (and buy) a functional SIP connector for HS3, or an HSPhone alternative that can act as a SIP extension, and not require a land-line gateway device.


        This still would be a great Blade Plugin to make. I know it would be awesome...


          I'm certainly interested in the phone plugin. I'm having more than a few doubts about HSPhone in HS3 - including the support.

          There was a bug logged in bugzilla (2367)in early November regarding not being able to create a simple event. Accepted it's a beta release but I would have thought something like this would have shown up during testing. As far as I can tell this bug has not been looked at as yet.

          Like other people it looks like I'll have to consider putting HS3 on hold as both myself and a couple of others make use of phone events.


            +1 for a functional SIP connector for HS3.

            With google voice and free DID's you can dedicate an free inbound and outbound phone number for Homeseer. Its the way to go.


              Would be a great plugin I'm sure.

              Hi all,
              I too believe this is a resurected thread, all the same Blade writes great plugins, the support and feature requests are second to none, HS take note PLEASE!
              I would love to see BLPhone and would pay for it, lets face it HS has done a minimal job with HSPhone I see no new features on the horizon (multiline sadly missing). Put in a feature request a life time ago for time break recall for us in the UK gave up waiting and changed my phone system, not really satisfactory and sure it would not happen if Blade had ownership of the Plugin.
              Please Blade get this on the go, would be a nice new year present for us all.
              Thanks for all your hard work.