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Looking for ideas for plugins

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  • Originally posted by kingfetty View Post
    This kinda goes along with the idea of a Plex plugin as well.


    Plex vs Emby, which do you prefer? I'm on plex simply because I got in on the lifetime sub when it was still cheap.

    I have ran both. Honestly, each outfit has their strengths and weaknesses. I am leaning toward emby right now because I can continue to use Kodi as my front end, which my family is more comfortable with.

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    • Originally posted by kingfetty View Post
      I've got a plugin that works with their power strips, but just turns on/off the ports. I never could get the power calculations to come out right in HomeSeer.

      It's my understanding they abandoned the mFi lineup.

      Yea, I have heard the developers programmed themselves into a corner. Additionally, the equipment was more expensive than competing tech. Now I have found some of their devices cheaper online.

      How about the unifi security cameras?

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      • Plex!!


        • Originally posted by kideon View Post
          There are currently two Plex plugins. BLplex by blade and PlexMonitor by smartercontrol (I think). The latter doesn't have a presence on this forum because they have their own repository for their plugins. I think currently blplex is free.

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          • Another lifetime Plex owner here.

            The Wink also interfaces with some other things that aren't currently available elsewhere. It is not just an ability to speak Zigbee. It talks to "Zigbee" lights that the Phillips Hub will not link to. Plus it talks to the Canary and the Ring doorbell. I own both, and yes they are both cloud based. I consider them as backup for my much greater number of locally based devices. Resiliency comes with variety.

            The "cloud" is an overhyped word for a server farm with a virtualized overlay. Completely avoiding it will get harder and harder as pretty much every storage provider is switching to it and the online app providers are right with them. It is simply a more efficient use of resources. The gummint has even put out guidance that they want us to investigate using cloud storage for the data that comes down from the weather satellites, which they are very touchy about. I've also been doing some conceptual design work for these guys:


            "You will be assimilated"

            The latency on my Wink is barely noticeable. Much better than it was a year ago. The radios reach devices that other radios will not. Would I use it to run my entire system from? No. Could it be an excellent add on? Yes. I haven't tried it out yet but there are instructions to root it online. You could avoid the cloud that way.