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HStouch display of VWS variable

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  • HStouch display of VWS variable

    Hi Larry,
    I am using HS3 Pro and HStouch Designer. I love your VWS plug-in and it works perfectly with my Ambient VWS software and Davis Weather Station. I am trying to get Wind Speed to show in 1 second update time on a custom HSTouch screen and cannot figure out a way to do this. If I create a Text Box with the VWS plug-in value of Wind Speed in the StatusTrackingNormal property, I just get a static value that does not update. Do you have any ideas of how I can get Real Wind Speed to show as an active display on a HSTouch Screen. I am OK with some programming or other advanced solutions.

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    I am not familiar with how HSTouch works as I do not use it. Update intervals depends on Ambient VWS saving CSV's within your 1-second time frame and the plug-in (setup config) interval settings. You will find I'm sure that 1-second intervals will TAX both systems beyond there capabilities. Hopefully both VWS and HomeSeer are on the same computer and fairly beefy.

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      Thanks for the help. I have other posts on HSTouch forums.


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        Yes, both on same high end Alienware server and interval set to 2 sec


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          Solved. CLOSED