After many years of trying, I have finally found a method to parse the events page to gain access to the Triggers and conditions which have been lacking from the scripting UI. This has not been easy to achieve but I have now written a utility which displays the majority of the event information. As you can see from the screenshot, it has many search facilities including Scripts, Events, Devices, Counters, Timers, Global Variables and free text search. In addition you can sort the list by various methods. It will also locate 'Broken Events' which is available from the events search drop down. User notes can easily be seen now which are included in any search. Finally, you have the option to download the displayed output as a CSV or text report. This report can also be automated via an event where you can define the sort/search criteria. You can either print the report or the resultant web page for your records.

Because this parses the events page, it takes a bit of time to process and display a page. I'm after someone with a large number of events (say 400 plus) who would be willing to test this for me.

I need to write the documentation and tidy up a few bits and pieces but I hope to release this soon.


It is now available for download on my site (click on my banner below for access). Please post any issues relating to the Homeseer 3 version here.

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