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Database Charting recreating demo devices

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    Database Charting recreating demo devices

    Hi Jon00,

    Bit of an odd one. I've just installed the Database Charting utility on my new HS4 install. Install went fine.

    I loaded the Jon00dbsetup.html and set the demo to No. Reloaded the page and the Demo has dissapeared and been replaced with DBTable1. All good so far.

    I went to my devices page to check what sensors I wanted to add to a chart and noted all the demo charts. Thought I would delete them first. Selected them all.. hit delete. A few seconds later they all came back. Weird, so I then selected the Utility Jon00 DemoDBChart Chart Manual Update device as that appeared to have all the children and deleted that. Sure enough it deleted all the Jon00 DemoDBChart devices. But, a few seconds later they all returned.

    Stopped HS4 and end tasked on the charting .exe. Restarted HS4 and tried to delete again.. same thing. Deletes and then comes back.

    Opening the .ini file I can see that Demo=0 so assuming that's correct.

    Any ideas?


    That's a new one on me. Shut it down and then delete the jon00dbchartingdemo.db3 in Bin\Jon00DBChart

    Is it recreated when you restart the plugin? For normal use, the database is called jon00dbcharting.db3


      Hey Jon00,

      Thanks for getting back to me.

      I deleted the file as instructed and on restart it was not recreated. I then deleted the demo charts and they didn't return! (yay!).

      Thanks muchly!