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  • Jon00 Account Links [ASP] HS2 ONLY!!

    This package is a new add-on for Homeseer 2 that has several core functions:

    1) To define the look of the Homeseer link buttons to anything you choose.
    2) To add text, images and/or virtual devices in addition to buttons and/or text links.
    3) To display different button links or designs depending on the Homeseer account holder logged in.

    The style and size of the default Homeseer 2 button links can now be changed to any other style you choose. If you have lots of buttons displayed, these could all be changed to text links or any combination of styles either pre-defined or designed by you.

    The configuration allows you to set-up buttons in any order and if necessary mix Homeseer link buttons/ plug-in links/own links on a single line. In addition, text, images or virtual devices can also be integrated within your design. Multiple lines can be created (including lines which are blank) and you even add spaces between the buttons, links etc. You could for example have one line dedicated to virtual device data, which can be viewed when displaying any Homeseer page. If this is then coupled with different accounts, the displayed virtual devices could be associated to the person logged in (such as new email).

    Your layout can either be underneath the logo bar (as per normal Homeseer 2 layout) or integrated within the logo bar as additional line(s) beneath the original logo bar.

    Because real estate can be a premium with multiple link buttons, there is an option to place the buttons on a single line under/within the logo bar and use navigational buttons to switch or toggle to other links. There is no limit to the number of alternate links that can be displayed and the navigation facility allows direct access to a line or to increment to the next line. With this in mind, it is very possible to have a hieratical menu structure all displayed on a single line.

    As an alternative to toggling a line (which requires the page to automatically refresh) you can alternatively use a scrollbar, which enables you to scroll the buttons as one line. When using IE5.5 or later, it is possible to set the colours of the scroll bar to match your logo bar, however this is not possible in Fire fox. Depending on your layout, this may or may not be acceptable.

    The package gives you the choice of text links, windows buttons or the standard Homeseer 2 button styles. You can also define your own button styles (unlimited) via the Custom.css style sheet.

    I wrote this script to allow me to view extra buttons that I did not wish a guest visitor to view. The configuration allows for any number of accounts, which allows a customised setup for each one.

    The package now incorporates logging which allows you to monitor pages visited per user. This can be disabled if required.

    Because of its flexibility, setup will take a bit of time. Setup will seem very complex at first. This is unavoidable to preserve the flexibility of this package.
    Let me know what you think!

    Examples and discussion can be found at

    Current Version is 1.09 - It can be downloaded from my site (click on the banner below)
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