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    Originally posted by jon00 View Post

    Looks great!

    I suspect you have entered the word 'device' in all lower case for that value and is a new feature in V2.0.

    If you enter the word 'DEVICE' in all upper case, then only the light bulb icon (either on/off or dim) will show.
    If you enter the word 'device' in all lower case, then only the text status will show.
    If you enter the word 'Device' in a mixture of cases, then both the text status and light bulb icon will show.
    Just as a point of information, this feature will not work if you're also using Blade's BLIcon to change the graphic in your device.
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      Wow am I stupid!!

      Here's a tip for those like Jon's PDF carefully! I'm writing this because I found no mention of it in the forum (or maybe I missed it).

      On more than one occasion, I struggled to use buttons with no luck. I tweaked the INI several various ways, adding references to stylesheets and changing syntax, etc. etc., pulling out my remaining hair.

      I discovered that I still had the V1.05 BuildPage.aspx file in my HTLM directory, and was linking to it from my main menu. Hence, I was not seeing any benefit to the various versions I had downloaded and thought I had correctly installed. So, I deleted BuildPage.aspx and changed my menu link to use BuildPage.ash. And, like magic, Jon's wonderful plugin brought tears of joy to my eyes.

      Jon, thanks so much for the excellent tool. You are a coding magician!