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    For those of you who like my Homeseer Performance Monitor, you can now also download Process Monitor as an extra bonus!

    This allows you to monitor the CPU usage of up to 20 user defined processes running on your Homeseer server and act on high/low values. With Version 1.01, you can also monitor memory parameters (process memory usage, process virtual memory & process virtual address space). This is presented in the same graphical format in a virtual device as Performance Monitor.

    Any process defined in task manager can be monitored, however you will not get much benefit if they normally stay at 0%

    May be of use if you have other applications running on your server that you wish to monitor in this way including exe plug-ins etc.

    If you want to take captures of the graphs to put in HSTouch or your own web pages, take a look at my HTML to image capture utility here
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    V1.01 is now available

    So that all my graphing packages (Performance monitor and Virtual device graphing) can have the same look and feel, I've now also updated this script together with new features:

    Changes include:

    Added Metric - Process memory usage (or working set)
    Added Metric - Process virtual memory
    Added Metric - Process virtual address space
    Optional timing markers/ticks can now be added to each graph with definable colour.
    Each graph size can now be defined individually and extended to 1000 pixels wide max.
    Each graph now has definable spacing height above the readings.
    Text showing the reading and optional low, high & average values can now be on two lines.
    Added language support for text strings 'high', 'low' and 'average'.
    Added version number of script to the ini file
    Added RebootLow and RestartLow trigger settings