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    Jon00 Application/Process control

    This script allows you to manage applications/processes running on your Homeseer server/PC and has the following features:

    » Allows shutdown of applications gracefully.
    » Allows shutdown of applications forcefully either directly or after a failed graceful shutdown.
    » User definable shutdown wait times.
    » Allows a PC/Server restart on a failed shutdown of an application.
    » Allows forced PC/Server restart.
    » PC/Server restart include preset time delay and automatic safe closure of Homeseer application.
    » Launch or re-launch of applications/processes with definable priority levels.
    » User definable launch delay time.
    » Unlimited number of applications/processes can be defined even from a single event.
    » Event triggering on application/process running.
    » Event triggering on application/process not running.
    » Definable logging per application/process.


    This script cannot be used to close or restart Homeseer. The package includes the application Jon00HSRestart.exe to do this.

    This can be downloaded from my Homeseer site (Click on the banner below)

    If you have any comments or suggestions, please post them here.

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    Starts but no shutdown

    I can start my program but the H/S log says application is not running so it will not shut down.???

    5/2/2008 3:32:56 PM Info Event Trigger "Restart Active Web cam"
    5/2/2008 3:32:42 PM Info Running script in background: Jon00AppControl.vben("main","1")
    5/2/2008 3:32:42 PM Jon00_AppCntl The process Active WebCam is not running!
    5/2/2008 3:32:42 PM Jon00_AppCntl Starting application WebCam.exe in 5 second(s)


      Have you defined it exactly as shown in task manager?


        Yeah, my bad....thanks



          Thank you very much for this (and other) scripts/plugins.

          This application process script just worked the first time i tried it.

          I have a backup program that is supposed to exit after completion.. but sometimes didn't... (and it won't allow two instances to run.)

          I simply run this to kill the process 3 hours after i start a backup (my longest backup takes about 1 hour) .. and if the process is still running.. it kills it..

          Again.. thanks...

          It just works

          Andrew B.


            Thanks...just what I like to here!

            Makes my life easy too if they work as designed!


              And where is this package? I dont find any files here...


                It's on my Homeseer site. Just click on my signature banner for access.


                  Sometimes my HS system will not respond and all the commands are queued
                  When I look at the HS server in the taskmanager the HS 1.X Interface plugin in is showing not responding.
                  After killing this task all the queued commands will be fired.

                  I like to detect this ASAP and like to kill the task and restart HS
                  Can the detection done with Application/Process control?
                  I'm already using your restart application.
                  When I look at the processes the HS 1.X must be the hs_compatibility.exe


                    The Process/Application package can only ACT on processes.

                    You may be able to use my Process Monitoring Script to see if there is a value monitored (such as high CPU) which it can trigger on. The process/application script could then be called to kill the process.


                      okay thanks.

                      There is no high CPU load or anything else visibile.
                      The task manager will only show not responding.


                        I would install it anyway and monitor hs.compatibility to see if memory usage or something else does show up differently when it crashes.


                          I will monitor for few days to see if this will happen...
                          This is the status when all is okay.
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                            Ability to Restore a program??

                            Wondering about ability to Restore a program under Windows 7.

                            Problem - I am running a third-party application (Davis WeatherLink) that stops responding on occasion (every 1 to 4 days). When this happens, the Win 7 process monitor shows it as "(Not Responding)". Manually, I highlight it on the task bar, right click and try to close it. Windows then displays a dialog box Click image for larger version

Name:	WeatherLank Hang Dialog.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	18.9 KB
ID:	1162227 saying WeatherLink is not responding and offers the choice of "Try to restore the program." Choosing this gets the program going again 99% of the time and I see it as better solution than aborting the program and restarting as the program doesn't seem to lose any data.

                            I've got a script in HS to identify when this occurs and was wondering if your Process Control script could be extended to do a Restore instead of having to kill & restart the program.

                            I'd appreciate your thoughts.


                              Unfortunately not. I do not know of a VB.NET method that could achieve this. Thinking about this, the restore is probably built in to Win 7's code.