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    I'm struggling with the script, it has set-up the virtual devices correctly, and is set to repeat every 5 seconds, but it doesn't put any speech into the virtual devices or the .ini. I've tried speech to the default speaker, and some directed to specific speakers, but neither seem to be captured.

    It is updating the ini each time it runs with an entry at the end of the file such as:

    Last=15/08/2010 19:23:14~!~Event~!~Running script in ba

    But apart from that, nothing. I'm sure its something simple I've done (or not done?), any thoughts on what I should try next?

    I'm running HS 2.4.1, on Win7 64-bit


      Under Homeseer setup, do you have 'Log text-to-speech phrases to the log' set to yes...if not this will not work.


        Yes, and the speech is going to the log - e.g.

        15/08/2010 22:44:52 - TTS - Speak ():Your next wake up is set for 7:30 am tomorrow

        The 'Max size for event log' is set to 100,000 as advised in the documentation


          Go to Homeseer setup/general tag.

          Find the drop down "Store logs in LOGS directory"

          Change it to Yes then save and then change to No and save.

          See if that solves the issue.


            It was already set to store logs in the LOGS directory, but I switched it to No - Yes - No, closed then restarted HS, did another No - Yes, restarted HS.

            Also tried replacing the .ini back to original, changed the device codes to different ones

            At each of the different points, I ran some speech, ran the script, then checked the .ini and the virtual devices, but it just doesn't seem to find any speech.

            The script does set up the device codes successfully, and does keep updating the .ini with an entry in the data part of the .ini:
            Last=16/08/2010 22:30:03~!~Event~!~Running script in ba

            Is the log entry in the right format? Just wondering if HS has changed anything. A typical line in my log is:

            16/08/2010 22:34:42 ~!~TTS~!~Speak ():Its now 10:34 PM


              I think you hit the nail on the head!

              The old method is:

              16/08/2010 23:00:00 ~!~Info~!~Speak ():11:00 PM

              In the script, search for the string:


              and replace it with:


              See if that works.


                Thanks Jon, thats done it - a one-line change


                  Great...I've updated the script to work with both old and new versions of HS2.


                    I've only run it 8,500,000 times, and it seems to be broken!

                    I've been using the script every 5 seconds since 17/8/10, but just noticed that it stopped working around December / January this year.

                    Have I just worn it out?

                    The .ini file seems to have hundreds of lines of spaces in there, and some messages from last April, plus some unidentifiable junk. Its about 11.5MB overall size, so something seems to be filling it.

                    Its probably run about 8,500,000 times before the problem surfaced, which seems like a pretty good success rate, but just wondered if there is anything obvious causing the problem?


                      I have not looked at this for ages!

                      I do have a bit of junk in mine but not 11.5M worth!. For starters I would create a new ini file and copy over the respective headings you need, just in case there is some rogue character in your existing file.


                        Thanks, I've just done that and it seems to be working OK now.

                        Looking at the junk entries, the problem might have been caused when there were other issues with the PC so the .ini writing might not have completed successfully. I'll check it in a year or so to see if its OK then!


                          Originally posted by MichaelD View Post
                          I'll check it in a year or so to see if its OK then!
                          Unless you have switched to HS3 by then!


                            I haven't been following any discussions on HS3, but I have quite limited time now, so unlikely to upgrade in the next year or two


                              Jon, this may be a stretch, but what would it be possible to control homeseer by voice using your iphone. Especially since there is already a bluetooth connection shouldn't this be possible. I guess an iphone app would also have to be developed...


                                Yes, I would think an app would need to be developed to access the mic etc.