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    Originally posted by simonmason View Post
    I can do what you suggest - I would need to go through all of the procedure calls in other scripts and fix this. Is it something I could fix myself by poking around in the code?

    I do not think I can help you here. I've done a few tests and It would appear that only one parameter is passed if you create an event via scripting with the script defined. It looks like it is internally comma delimited so you lose the extra parameters.

    Unfortunately, I have to use this method to run scripts as this prevent delays in the system.


      Thanks for checking into this. I will go back to my logic and see what it will take to change it. I mostly use the parameters to specify zone and then command for my audio system. Parsing one parameter as it comes into the script should be no big deal.

      The radius entry was the issue - now I just have to decide if I like the display box with the patterned background and square corners or solid background and rounded corners!

      Also, I wrote scripts to move all of the cover art from each zone (I am running 12 zones) into the html\images directory and I am now successfully displaying those on the appropriate zone page. However, the process for updating these images is not ideal. I think the only way to do this is to force a page refresh which is a little unattractive. Can you think of any other way I can accomplish this? Is there any way to just refresh the image and not the whole page? Thanks.


        Included in the download is Image1.html. You can use this to embed an image which can be set to auto refresh without the whole page being refreshed. Look in the docs for more info.


          Thanks, this works well. Have you given any thought to a refresh based upon an external trigger? Currently all refreshes are based upon a pre-determined time interval. In the case of cover art for music playing I don't really want it to refresh every XX seconds as this is a little messy. What would be nice is to have a trigger of some sort cause the refresh. For example, when I copy the new cover art into the html directory (because the song has changed), I could also create a trigger file next to it. Then your control program could check for the existence of this file, update the image, and then delete the file. This way the image only updates when the song changes, and doesn't sit there flashing every xx seconds. Does this make sense? Maybe there is a cleaner way of achieving this that I haven't thought about?



            Yes it makes perfect sense, however I am going to put this out of scope for the main interface software.

            You may ask why? Well the embed function can display any html/asp/aspx pages including those served by Homeseer. Since you require an image displayed on change of song, it is far better that a custom ASP/ASPX handles that functionality, talks to the plugin and that same page just displays the image. Since this page would be embedded, you will see the changing images on the touchscreen.

            The Image1.html file is not ideal for your purpose. It's main use was for things like weather maps that do not change that often.

            It's something I can look at later down the line but feel free if you want to have a go yourself.

            Remember, if an actual HS plugin page etc displays an image in the center of the screen, you can just embed that page and alter the window embed size to fit the image size! No work required!


              I will start to look into this. One other question - in my setup I am creating the same Menubarbottom for all pages. Any thoughts how I could store this once in a single file and then just reference it in each page? Thanks.


                I believe the way you do that, is to copy that INI with the looks you like and rename it. example:

                If you have mycontrol.ash?val=13, then you would copy this same file and rename 14 and you will have the same buttons as in 13. Jon correct me if aim wrong.
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                  I don't wish to sound negative but I would rather not go down that path as it makes it more difficult for those who do. For example, you may not have thought of it but you can change the color of the menu button to highlight which page you are on! That could not be done from a single file.

                  It's not that hard really, to copy and paste all the menu buttons in each ini file if that is the way you wish to go.

                  I've been working hard on a new version which really increases functionality! More on that when it's in a usable state!


                    I am just lazy! But you make a good point about the highlighting the button. I have set it up that the title bar currently tells me which page I am on, but I like your button idea as well. Very intuitive. Regarding my previous post about updating images - I can see two uses - cover art as previously discussed, but also streaming video from web cameras - I assume this needs something similar. I just ordered a capture card and was thinking of looking at the Hauppage Capture plugin to accomplish this by plugging the information into my touchscreen. Anyone have any thoughts, pointers on this? Thanks.


                      Two other quick questions as I continue to dig deeper - 1) When using the image refresh functionality (as implemented in the example Image1.html using the embed function), I notice that the image is no longer a link, and the Action associated with that button does not work. This might be a function of the external html file but I wanted to check this. I was trying to set it up so that clicking on the cover art brings up a new screen with a large view of the cover art. Here is my button example:

                      ---Column 2 Table 1 Button 1---
                      Button1-1Type=Embed /mycontrol/Covercha4.html,222,222
                      Button1-1Action=URL /Mycontrol/MyControl.ash?Val=7

                      2) I wanted to display the status of certain audio zones on my touchscreen page - this would involve polling a status variable and then turning on a light or changing the button color on the screen. I am not sure if this is possible but any thoughts on this would be great. Thanks.


                        You cannot carry out an action on an embedded web page as that web page is basically independent to the main display. It's like looking at it through a window. It's not easy to hyperlink either as the new page will also display within the same window. It can be done but requires more coding within image1.html.

                        As for your second question, how is this info obtained? Is it through a virtual device?


                          Yes, I have virtual devices set up for the ON/OFF status of each zone.



                            Until the next version is ready, your best bet would be to use jon00devices.ash which is included in the download. You can embed this page (with refresh) to show as many devices as you want. More info is in the QA area of the instructions.