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    email question

    Ok so it is time for a another laldaas "You Should Know This" Question

    In the instructions it is written:


    It is recommended that you provide a link to Readmail1.ash on your web server. From this page, you will have full access to all features that this package provides with its default settings. This is called by /email/Readmail.ash in the Homeseer web browser. In other words all web pages for this package are in a folder called email under the html folder

    Ok I am assuming this will ad a button on the HS browser. to link me to the asp page

    (Sorry I am new to all this)

    For the life of me can figure this out.

    Could some one explain it to me in moron terms i would apperciate it.

    I figure once I learn all the basics I will begin to handle things on my own.

    In my own defence the search function is really bad! I searched "make a button" and wow did I get a million posts to sift through. none of which helped.

    Homeseer provides an easy means to add up to 4 navigation buttons.

    Go to setup and click on the web site tab. In the Custom Web Page 1 Title box, add the title of the button i.e. Email or Webmail
    In the Custom Web Page 1 URL/Link box add the URL i.e. /email/Readmail.ash

    Save the page and the new button will appear below the logo bar.

    If you need more than 4 buttons, look at this post for other options:


      Thanks that helped alot!

      I wish I had the time to put into HS as ever one else, Just put in a 12 hour shift for the fourth day in a row im beat!