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RSS Feeder: How to read only the last news and not the old?

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    RSS Feeder: How to read only the last news and not the old?


    May be this was asked before and the solution it's in the forum, but I couldn't find it.

    Today I just installed your RSS News Feeder and it's really great and working fine, but I want to have an event that can read just the latest news avoiding the oldest.

    You know, when you access the rss file using your script, it brings all the available news on it, not just the latest and when you run the script to read them, it reads all of the news available.

    Is there some method to do this? May be there is a script doing this now. I'll really appreciate your help.

    Thanks in Advance, Pablo.

    It's a long time since I wrote this but you can set the maximum number of feeds MaxItems=XX to display and speak.

    If you want to keep all feeds displayed but want to limit the number of feeds spoken, you would need to modify the script.

    If you open up MyRSS.vb in a text editor and find the line:

    If SpeakDescription = 1 then hs.speak (Description,True,SPClient)

    Immediately under this line add:

    If Items=XX then exit for

    Where XX is the number of feeds you wish to speak


    If Items=2 then exit for

    Now save the file

    This is global to all feeds so with this example, only 2 feeds would be spoken.


      Jon, thanks for your promptly response.

      This method could be a possibility to get what I'm looking for, although the idea is to discard previous messages already spoken. Something like a "mark" to skip the record, once it's been red.

      I'll be thinking about this and if I've got a solution I'll let you know.

      Thanks again !



        That would be more difficult. You would need to keep a database of all read feeds as they may only change one or two at a time.