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Script request : Conditional Events

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    Script request : Conditional Events

    What I want is full "conditions" inside Event actions so I don't have to build a separate event for each condition...

    Is there a "Work around" that would LOOK/Feel like a conditional?

    Ideally there could be a script called CONDITIONAL that would be be passed two strings, one would be the condition, the other the lists of actions to be executed if the condition were true, separated with ";"s

    Conditional "phrase to be evaluated"," list of actions separated by ';'s"

    Conditional "&hs.getdevicevaue "A1" = 1","script name; hs.command ; device action; hs.command"

    Just an idea...

    This would permit you to do conditional events INSIDE the Device actions editor that would be VISIBLE rather than burried in a script...

    Right now I have lots of "Almost" duplicate events because the event action changes slightly for one day, or after a certain time... so I end up with a duplicate event, and (almost) a duplicate of all of the actions just so it will do (or not do) something on Sunday, or after 10pm, or if it is raining, or...(you get the idea)