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Google Graphs and Jon00 Perfmon and Virtual Device Graphing

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    Google Graphs and Jon00 Perfmon and Virtual Device Graphing

    I'd really like the ability to analyze up to a year's worth of graph data, so I can see what the temp was on xxx date, how much power the dryer was using on xxx date/time, etc.

    Jon00's graphs collect the right information but has no way of keeping a year's worth. Can the script be modified to also point to a file for logging, or better yet call Google Graphs to generate the graphs. I've gotten this to a point but got lost when it came time to feeding the data to Google. How do I feed it a CSV file? Or am I suppose to store the data in Google and just update that on every call?

    At any rate, does this interest anyone besides me? Anyone better than me at this? I'll donate.

    I have about 50 graphs now.

    The graphs were never designed to show long-term data. If you want to record to a database with graphs, take a look at MCSTemperature.

    Both scripts do have logging of the metrics to a text file, but you need to enable them in the respective ini file. The docs explain the file locations etc.