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Jon00's BBC weather V4 over TTS

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    Jon00's BBC weather V4 over TTS


    I have managed to get Jon00's weather plugin to work. However I cannot see how to get it to annouce using the Sonos plugin (excuse my ignorance as new to scripting)

    I have the TTS all set up and working to annouce over the house( so this bit is all working and configured), but I have never used/edited a scipt to do any annoucements (new to HomeSeer)

    I understand that I have to select parameters that I want to annouce and put them in the parameters box.

    I am a bit confused about how to setup the Host:instance in order so that annouces using the speaker proxy.

    I also notice that In the sript file settings there is a speaker client option containing *:* . Do I have to change this to anything else ?

    Can someone shed some light please as to what I need to put in any boxes in order for this to work

    See screenshot attached



    Sorry if posted in wrong section
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