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Jon00 BT Proximity Sensor v2 question

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    Jon00 BT Proximity Sensor v2 question

    Hi guys... sorry... dumb question but I'm searching and not finding!

    I've installed the scripts, am using Windows 7 Premium, base MS BT Stack, and the Jon00BlueHS loads on startup great. When I hover over, I see my iPhone 4... awesome. I'm on the way...

    So now how do I get to the device / event trigger in HS2? I'm looking everywhere but do not see any way to trigger events based on phone being here / away / proximity (if supported)

    For the record, I'm using an IOGear USB dongle (100m range) and it's working great so far. Purchased at Fry's for (cough) $22. I know... I wasn't patient enough to wait for the $2 eBay model to ship from China.

    If anyone can point me to some instructions or just fill in the missing link here I would be forever grateful! Once this is working I'll be making a nice donation too. I definitely believe in supporting the community.


    Hi Adam.

    In the download zip, there is a PDF document. Have you read that before I continue?


      I did not know that! Ok back to homework!

      Thanks for the great work and prompt reply!


        Ok. I'm close... real close :-)

        So I see my iPhone, it detects it quickly and appears to be fine. my STATUS tab in HS2 shows two devices (device code 50 for BT Discovery and 51 for my Device1 / iPhone)

        Interface shows "Adams iPhone Last detected: 6/8/2012 12:36:20 PM [00.00:00:00] - Homeseer PC" - Which I have tested as accurate by turning on and off BT on my phone and watching the last detect timestamp adjust accordingly.

        SOOoooo... I went to create an event, triggered by DEVICE STATUS CHANGE, Trigger Jon00 Bluetoth Device 1, 'Changed to ANY status' to test and see if I could trigger an event based on connect / disconnect. It isn't responding to anything. Is this the proper context for creating an event using your script / app? Or should I be using a different trigger action?

        Thanks again for your help! I'm sure you get these all the time...



          Sorry I did some searching and found your info:

          Create events that triggers on a device value change for 'Jon00 Bluetooth Device 1'

          Set to 0 will be away
          Set to 1 will be Home


          I've created simple events with these commands, but when enabling or disabling my BT on the iPhone am not getting an event to trigger. The tray icon hover shows No devices, or Adam's iPhone appropriately, but HS2 doesn't seem to be picking up the trigger. Thoughts?


            Hmmm - well the 'Value' shows correctly as 0 or 1, but it's not triggering events for some reason.

            Reference ID2967Status17 = UnknownValue1 String Adams iPhone Last detected: 6/8/2012 1:18:03 PM [00.00:00:00] - Homeseer PCSupports StatusFalseDimmableFalseMisc SettingsStatus Only


              Ok I think it's working now. Just taking quite a while to update (maybe 30 seconds refresh?) Will try to figure out how to reduce that. I want to be able to pull up to the driveway and have the garage door open, and close when I leave.

              Sorry for the rambling... wish I could DELETE posts as I go :-)


                Bluetooth has to scan a number of frequencies and that takes time. If BT devices are detected it will take even longer to complete the scan. The hardware used is also a contributory factor. Nothing much you can do about that I'm afraid.

                You need to look at the instructions under the settings.txt (blue section). Look under Delay. It depends on if you have paired your phone or not. If paired, you can try:


                This is about as fast you can go with the client.

                If you want to improve response times, another way would be to get something like a Air Host XR3 bluetooth dongle. As this will detect you much further away than your existing dongle, it gives the impression that it is reacting faster but only due to the fact it has detected you earlier.


                  Thanks for your help! I think I have it all under control. Might spring for the better BT adapter and see if it takes care of the timing issue. Makes perfect sense.

                  Thanks again!


                    Hi Jon00,

                    Quick question, and not meaning to highjack the thread.
                    If i use the bluetooth stack in my Homeseer-Server to send remote TTS to a bluetooth speaker phone in the bathroom, can the same stack also be used to poll devices, or does it require full and uninterrupted access to the stack (i.e. other devices can't be paired)
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                      The client normally needs exclusive use of the BT stack. There is no harm trying... you will just get an error if it does not work.