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Pause watchdog timer

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    Pause watchdog timer

    Hi Jon00,

    I am using your Watchdog timer and it is perfect for my system, but I am wondering if there is a way I can essentially "Pause" the watchdog timer. The timer is great for monitoring 99% of my system, and in 99% of the time it will function and trigger a reset as it should, however once a week I do a full directory backup of homeseer, and it tends to trigger a reset for whatever reason.

    Is there a way I can trigger your event to pause before the backup starts, and when it is finished I can run your watchdog again, and if it can be turned on / off without the pending reset being triggered as it did not receive the reset and restart the timer, what is the script command for doing this?

    I can then add it prior to the backup starting, and once the backup is finished.

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    I don't think you really want to do that. For the moment, set the following in the ini file:


    Wait a day and then check the CPU log when your backups happen. Take a note of the highest reading. Add say 5 and then set CPUTrigger to that value.