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    Tv listings request

    Hi Jon,
    being a fan of a fair few of your projects, I was just wondering if there's a possibility of a small feature request to one of your very old, non-updated ones - the TV listing one.

    I can see you've hard coded the channel names into the various pages, and I wonder if you could relax them so that they can be remapped into events/links somehow? I can see the csv's can be altered to present a link if you drill right into a programme's details, is there any possibility that the channel names could be changed based on entries in an ini file (not the drop down box, just the table row first data cell of the channel name)

    Just thought I might ask before I embark on reinventing your wheel, since all your asp is encrypted

    Thanks for all your existing stuff anyway, even if the answer is no

    I'm not quite sure what you mean. The channel names are not hard coded but come from the xmltv listings.

    What are you trying to achieve?


      Badly explained, i'll try again

      Ok, so I have currently an IRTrans box that allows me to control a freesat box and set channels. I cobbled together a tv guide and your Iphone template to allow the other half to set a channel while being able to look at one of the many tvguide websites.
      Your tv listings is way more simple, elegant and doesn't kill a tablet/smartphone to render it. I can redo your processing script to change the channel to a href within the csv, but that only changes what is rendered on the programme page. I was hoping to be able to work it so that the channel name could be clicked/selected to kick off an event or href.

      For example, on the rendered page:
      4seven----------------------------- X
      Now: programme1
      Next: programme2
      Can the first TD defined as the channel name of "4seven" be linked to an event (ideally) or changed to a hyperlink?


        So to make things even clearer for me, you usually view the now & next page. You want a hyperlink on each channel name to run a (different) event?

        Do you use the Programme information & voice reminder which is a hyperlink from the program name (click on the blue TV set after the time).


          Yes - that's it. Just for simplicities sake, as the other half usually knows what programmes she wants by the title, and would rarely drill into the actual page showing the synopsis/voice reminder.


            Attached is a special version for you that adds the hyperlink. You will need to add the following to the MYTV.ini under [Settings]


            This will show the link and redirect the page to ProgEvent.asp

            If you set ShowChannelLink="2" then it will open up a new tab with ProgEvent.asp

            The reference will be the channel name minus spaces.

            Example: ProgEvent.asp?ref=discoveryhd

            Your ProgEvent.asp code could be:

            PHP Code:

            Dim Ref
            .TriggerEvent Ref
            You will need to deal with closing the page or alternatively using JavaScript to go back to the previous page.
            Attached Files


              Wow, thanks for that - just added a bit of javascript to take it back to the previous page, and all exactly how I needed it.
              Much appreciated, and sent you something to cover a drink or two


                Thanks very much!