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    Jon00 HsRestart Questions

    Jon00 and all,
    PREAMBLE:I have experienced HS CPU utilization going to 100% since I started using HS on Windows7 on an I5 Intel core over a year ago. When this happens HS become so slow it is unusable. This seems to happen every few weeks for a day or two then it's OK for several weeks. I'm on HS so pretty current. I have been unsuccessful in determining the cause so have tried the Jon00_PerfMonV2 to try to restart HS when CPU utilization exceeds 80% or so. Well, it never triggers and the small graphs(after a restart) never indicate the high utilization, so I assume the problem is also effecting the Jon00_PerfMonV2 program also, not allowing it to run.

    MY SOLUTION: I found another solution on this MessageBoard, I think from Jon00, that is a small script that I run every 5 minutes and it tries opening the HS Events page, and if that fails it tries opening the HS Device Status page, and if that fails it runs Jon00RestartHS.exe and restarts HS. This works, but I notice a couple of peculiarities that I have questions about:

    1) After an above restart, my log file is missing the first dozen or so entries compared to a log file of a normal start. Why?

    2) Normal times between restart is a week or two as indicated above. But during the run time between restarts I log several failures of the "first" access to the HS Events page(with a timeout error). The timeout error occurs between 15 and 20 seconds after the attempted access. I notice in the script that fires off the page access that the HS GetURL(.....) is used and there is no way to set a waiting period for the page access to timeout. IS there a way to extend the timeout?

    Thanks for any help,

    There is no reason that I can think of. It just starts Homeseer normally and has no control of what Homeseer does or does not do.

    I would rethink your methodology. Creating an event to restart Homeseer every 3 days may be a better bet. There are a few people here who restart HS every day automatically to prevent its gradual performance degradation and eventual death.