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HS3 - GetTVListings.vb

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    HS3 - GetTVListings.vb

    Hi there,
    In converting to HS3, I've managed to hit my final snag.
    This particular script seems very straightforward, and that the only thing to "upgrade" it is to change the hs.stringitem function.
    A quick function later, and a find/replace should fix it?

    Here's the really weird part.

    I add this function:
    Function splititem(ByVal Str As String, ByVal strcount As Integer, Byval Separ As String) As String
    Dim Result() As String
    result = str.Split(separ)
    Return Result(strcount-1)
    Return ""
    End Try
    End Function

    everything hs.stringitem is now splititem.

    Problem is that it just won't run. No errors, it doesn't even get as far as trying to execute the script, and hence I can't debug what HS thinks is wrong.
    If I comment out all lines that use the function, then it will actually run, but of course will complain about everything being broken by those lines being missing....

    Any ideas?

    Try this function:


      First one I tried, thought it might be bad, so redid it with split
      I guess I'm at a loss since HS doesn't want to execute the script - just to humour me, HS doesn't expect the function in a special format within the script?
      Script looks like:

      sub main
      end sub

      function blah
      end function

      It's not expecting something weird or the function nested?


        I don't publish bad functions!

        I do not have access to the script ATM (at work) so cannot comment until later.

        I'm not sure things are going to work as the asp web pages will not function...or are you using it for something else?


          Perish the thought - your stuff always works, I just got paranoid.

          I only use the script to get the csv's to supply data to another webpage, you've already done the hard work of decoding the xml schema and I find it easier to work with flat data.

          Worst case is I just work out a function for the getini stuff - just wondered if you'd seen anything what would cause the script to literally not execute with no error, or even the log entry saying "executing script xxxx", being the guru that you are.


            Man, do I feel dumb.
            Jon, please don't waste any of your valuable time on this, I'm a victim of my own stupidity.

            Apparently, setting an event to "do not trigger within an hour" means that it literally will log the even being run, but not actually run it even from a manual trigger....

            Carry on, nothing to see here....


              That's crazy.... Perhaps you should submit a bugzilla report as the log entry is obviously wrong.