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Jon00 SpeedFan Monitor For Homeseer 3 & Homeseer 4

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    OK, there is more on AV warnings at the top of my downloads page.



      Thanks for the info regarding the AV warnings. I have installed the application jon00Speedfanmonitor.exe into the suggested location of c:\Jon00Speedfan. Along with this file, I have copied HomeSeerAPI.dll, HSCF.dll, Scheduler.dll, and the supplied Settings file. I edited the settings file as follows:

      SpeedFanPath=C:\Program Files (x86)\SpeedFan

      I then copied the 4 INI files into HS3\config, and copied the image files into HS3\html\images\Devices\jon00\speedfan.

      I started up SpeedFan.exe, as well as jon00Speedfanmonitor.exe, and restarted HS3. I did observe an entry in the log: Jon00_Speedfan Client1 connected to Homeser, so it appears to be connected. The issue I am having is that I am not getting any SpeddFan devices added into my Device Configuration Page. I am logging devices in SpeedFan, and it is updating with time. I have updated the HS3\config\Jon00SpeedFan1.ini as follows:

      PCName=HA-PC, which is a name I tend to refer to it, but it is not a formal name. The INI file has not had any Sensors added to it, and each sensor line still looks like this:


      So it appears that it has not found the SpeedFan CSV file to populate the INI file with. I am not sure what I have managed to do wrong, but I sure could use some assistance in figuring it out.

      Thanks Jon!


        Problem Solved!

        I reinstalled everything again from scratch, and it now appears to be working as advertised. I had been running SpeedFan in HS2, but since my migration, I missed the application, as I have my equipment in a relatively sealed rack, with a variable speed fan, and adjusting the speed of the exhaust fan based on system temperature is a MUST for me. I had been running with the doors to the equipment rack open, which was not appreciated by the wife! LOL! Now I can close them, and she will be happy.

        Thanks again Jon!


          Version 1.0.1. is now available:

          Changes from 1.0.0:

          Full compatibility with HS4
          New Icons provided (existing icons are still available)

          Click image for larger version

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