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Jon00 Winamp/Wacup Controller for Homeseer 3 and Homeseer 4

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    Well, I think I did it right. I enabled them through VirtualBox under the USB Filters and they both show up in Winamp as output devices. Again, both working and playing audio...just extremely poor sound quality. They sounded great before when I was trying to do this under 10.


      V1.0.14 is now available:

      V1.0.13 (test build only)
      Possible bug when loading large bookmarks fixed.
      Warning messages added to log when bookmark path does not exist.

      V1.0.14 (Primarily HSTouch additions)
      Added optional virtual devices including Last folder selection, Last folder directory selection, Last bookmark selection, Last playlist selection, Last preset selection, Track length time, Track elapsed time, Track remaining time & style adjustable playlist.
      Support for style adjustable ajax web pages (supplied) to display near real-time updated playlist and queue manager in HSTouch; primarily to allow scrolling of the track lists.


        Hi Jon, I am having the same issue as reported in post #136;

        had to create 4 virtual devices to delay the refresh by 2 seconds on song change so that HStouch can capture it.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	Capture555.PNG Views:	0 Size:	301.1 KB ID:	1404463

        Would it be possible to incorporate that secondary delayed refresh directly in the plugin? (only seem to affect: Artist, title, album, genre)

        Edit: another option seems to work though a little slower to react:
        disable tracking and replace by a text script [$SCRIPT=&hs.replacevariables("$$DSR:xxxx:")]


          I've sent you a PM with a new version to test.