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Jon00 HSTile (Touchscreen Interface) for HS3 & HS4

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    Thanks for the compliment.

    I am on to something. I accidentally pressed the edit button on the tablet. When I go to fullscreen, the screen is scaled smaller. When I click on the "exit fullscreen" button , it goes full screen.

    Fully kiosk, doesn't seem to have this "issue" , the button "fullscreen / exit fullscreen" do nothing. I will monitor with this app the following days.



      Something is not right.

      The Tablet-/Pages do not update.
      I have now 1 Walltablet on wallpanel and another one on fullykiosk and also my laptop (windows 11 and chrome)

      1) There is one page "weather" (is called via an event an event and Alexa , after 5 mins , it goes automatically back to the "main" page) , this page was last viewed on last sunday , thereafter the main page untill yesterday.
      Yesterday evening (wednesday 15 March) , is was showing the page from last Sunday, and it only updated the tiles with the correct day/date after a reboot. (Fully kiosk app).
      (screenshot from today)
      Click image for larger version  Name:	2023-03-16 10_58_42-Jon00 HSTile - Version 1.1.16.jpg Views:	0 Size:	136.9 KB ID:	1598503

      This is the Tile with the date and day:
      Click image for larger version  Name:	2023-03-16 11_05_57- Views:	0 Size:	126.8 KB ID:	1598504

      2) I inserted a tile for testing on the main page (Table light):
      When I press the tile on any tablet , the light goes on instantly , but the device image does not always update , when it updates it takes about 5 seconds for the device image to show..
      If it didn't update (which happens half of the time , the tablet does not respond to any other inputs on that tile, (also not on the other tablets , or on my desktop computer with the "main" page open.)
      I first have to sync the light so it corresponds with the tablet , than the tile functions again.
      This behaviour is the same on wallpanel - fullykiosk - chrome (with pc).
      I also tried the page-refresh option (every 5 seconds) , but also this did not update the image , and the tile was nonresponsive untill the light was in sync with the tile again.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	2023-03-16 11_14_11- Views:	0 Size:	69.7 KB ID:	1598505

      The image:
      Click image for larger version  Name:	2023-03-16 11_35_08-Home automation Heubergau - AnyDesk.jpg Views:	0 Size:	9.3 KB ID:	1598506

      The connection with wifi is optimal (according unifi network wifi experience , also watching a youtube movie without hickups).

      What I do notice though , is everytime I click an on-off switch (phsicall or on the HS-gui / tablet , the CPU spikes to 50%, normall it idles at 4-5 %

      Before I never noticed this behaviour when a lightswitch ( zwave or wifi) is turned on or off , the CPU spikes that high.
      Not sure if it has anything to do with the jon00hstile plugin , but I can imagine this hickups synching the tablet.

      I will open another thread on this shortly.
      Click image for larger version  Name:	2023-03-16 11_51_33-Home automation Heubergau - AnyDesk.jpg Views:	0 Size:	174.9 KB ID:	1598507

      Turning on 2 zwave lights:
      Click image for larger version  Name:	2023-03-16 11_52_50-Home automation Heubergau - AnyDesk.jpg Views:	0 Size:	170.0 KB ID:	1598508
      Click image for larger version  Name:	2023-03-16 11_57_28-Home automation Heubergau - AnyDesk.jpg Views:	0 Size:	76.2 KB ID:	1598509


      *edit : inserted the link from the other thread concerning the CPU


        Pages which are not used (i.e not displayed anywhere) are not updated after 2 minutes (to save resources). In addition, unless there is a device on that page which is updated on a regular basis, it will also not update. Therefore the tags you are using for weekday name etc will only update once the page is updated by some means.

        Read the 'Recurring Event' section in the docs to resolve this.

        Not sure what's happening with your second option but look at the 'Performance issues' section in the docs and use the following settings:


        See if that resolves your issues.


          Recurring Events: that is clear , I will amend that.

          The second part (2) , it is not working.
          -I changed the ini file in UseQueue=2 >> no change
          -I hide & disabled the 3 temperature tiles. >> no change
          -created a page with just 1 Tile , (toggling a light) >> no change.

          The last page I created with that just 1 tile:
          -column 1: text
          -column 2: [tiletogglebylabel 145,off,on]
          -column 3: [deviceimage 145]
          -Column 4 &5 are empty

          When I turn the light on with for example the tablet ( but it doesn't matter if I use the physical button or the laptop with chrome and HStile) the light responds immediately.
          On the HS4 native GUI the device status changes immediately as well.
          On HS buddy on my phone the device status changes immediately as well
          On a device running this page from HStile ( in this case just the page with the 1 light) , there is no change in device status.

          It took just now more than 2 minutes for the tile to change to the correct device image ( light off) there after I could turn the light on again , but it took now 1minute to change to the correct status.
          Both other tablets which are running wallpanel which HStiles or now "locked"/"screen off" and also no other devices are displaying any HStile pages.

          *edit* I noticed when I refresh the page (wallpanel by swiping) after ca 3-5 seconds, the status is correct, but without the swiping the status not always update , if would say about 8 of 10 times the status does not change)

          Any idea how to troubleshoot?



            Would you please restart Homeseer with the new queue settings and then try again.


              I did , just to be sure I restarted the whole computer now.

              Still the same; the status does not update most of the times , but does update after a "page refresh".


                So when you restarted Homeseer do you see the HSTile 'ready' message in the log?

                It seems strange you have been running HSTile for several weeks now without this issue. What has changed?

                Has your startup.vb been modified if you updated HS4?


                  Click image for larger version

Name:	2023-03-16 14_31_52-Log.jpg
Views:	138
Size:	19.2 KB
ID:	1598554

                  started 13:55:19

                  ready msg at: 13:56:41
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	2023-03-16 14_31_16-Log.jpg
Views:	88
Size:	45.5 KB
ID:	1598555

                  That is more as the 10 seconds you write in your manuel , does that mean anything?

                  What has changed in the last 2 weeks:

                  -I installed the plugin , quickly checked if it was working with 1 tile when I was at home
                  -Remotely I created all the pages ( about 15) , and checked them as well remotely with via "Anydesk", connected to the homeseer computer.
                  -updated twice the plugin.
                  -changed tiles using the #lp# tag and also changed tiles using the new opacity tag.
                  -created 3 events using "Jon00HSTile.vben" , to change to a different page using an Alexa voice command.
                  -created pages which are shown on a tablet using an event.

                  -added with MCSMQTT a Shelly pro 3EM

                  -created some other events using a timer and motion sensors.

                  -Had to shutdown the Homeseer computer several times last week due to renovation on my electricity wires at home , but Homeseer was gracefully shutdown every time.

                  I did however also notice that clicking the top left corner , and than the edit button , the top line with all the commands populate very slowly occasionally as well ( but that was this morning , now that is normall again).

                  Now I just notice something even more wierd:
                  1 Tablet has my main page open which also has the tile "table light" and some other tiles ( temperatures are still disabled and hidden)
                  1 tablet has this newly created page (page 12) with only "table light".

                  When I toggle the light , the tablet with the main page changes status , the tablet with only 1 tile , does not change status ( only after a long delay or refresh)
                  Changing the page on the other tablet to the main page , changes the status almost instantly as well.
                  Changing back to page 12 ( 1 tile) , no or very slow status update.
                  Same behaviour on the windows pc with chrome.

                  Can it have something to do with the amount of pages, I did also skip some pages , for example 6 till 9 or not yet used. (I wanted to order them like 1-5 for each walltablet "main page", 6-9 status of windows/doors etc , 10 - xx with warning and notifications ( text only , and showed via events).
                  Can there be an error on one of the (unused) pages ?



                    I'll need to look at your response later but have you increased the number of pages above 10 (see the Q&A in the docs)?


                      No need to look at my previous response....... you found the issue.
                      It is working perfect again.

                      Although I only used about 8 pages , I skipped a couple to be used later. And continued with 10, 11 etc. And there is the whole issue.
                      I did read it 2 weeks ago when I started with Hstiles, but forgot about this setting 🙈

                      Many thanks for your help!,



                        I was happy too soon.

                        So , yesterday afternoon everything was fine and working well , in the late evening I already noticed a tile on a tablet wasn't working.

                        I just checked with task manager , and indeed , when a tile is pressed , cpu spikes , it went even to 70% and nothing happends , untill I sync the device with the Tile again or I refresh the page.
                        No other adjustments were made yesterday after it all functioned.

                        I noticed however , there was now a tile 21 and 25 in the config directory (jon00hstile21.ini and jon00hstiledata21.ini). I probably entered those non-existing pages yesterday when I wanted to have page 1 for example when 2 was active on my windows 10 computer. ( typo)

                        -I just tried to change the number of pages in the ini file to 30 , but that didn't help , changed it back to 20. and deleted the pages 21 and 25. but also this didn't work. Whenever I click a tile to toggle a device , the CPU spikes to 60-70% and only will function therafter when the tile is in sync with homeseer , which is not automatically.

                        Any ideas?


                        here a screenshot of the config directory

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	2023-03-17 23_08_21-Home automation Heubergau - AnyDesk.jpg
Views:	83
Size:	169.6 KB
ID:	1598888


                          Let's start with the ini files. These are just configuration files to display the contents of the page. If you are not using a page, just delete Jon00HSTileX.ini and Jon00HSTileDataX.ini (where X is the page number).

                          As explained earlier, HSTile will only check/process the number of pages set in the ini file so if you are only using Page 1 to 15, set it to 15. This prevents unnecessary checking of pages that do not exist, taking up resources.

                          Now to the tile issue. If I understand, you have a tile that toggles a device (light?). If you press the tile, the psyical device toggles state but you do not see a change on the tile state?

                          In this instance, it may be that HSTile is very busy (hence the CPU rise). That can happen if you have lots of devices changing on a regular basis on any of your displayed pages.

                          So, as a test, please change the following settings as discussed earlier:


                          The state of the tile may now take a bit longer to change (between 1 and 5 seconds) but see if it makes any difference. You may need to play with these metrics to get the optimum for your setup.

                          I would also recommend you place the [executiontime] tag somewhere on your page to see how many milliseconds it is taking to render.

                          As you have HSBuddy, Imperihome and HSTile running at the same time, they are all looking for device changes which could be another reason you have higher CPU when you operate a device.



                            One big page with lots of tiles vs. smaller pages embedded with [iframe] on a big page?

                            After working out some concepts I'm now ready to take a stab at an overview page. It looks like this page would have 400-500 tiles. From a performance standpoint, would it be better to create smaller pages (480x480, 640x480) using HSTile and use [iframe] to embed those in tiles on a larger page (1920x1080) or should I just put all of the tiles on the same page?
                            "if I have seen further [than others], it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." --Sir Isaac Newton (1675)


                              Completely unresponsive tonight.

                              Turned of the plugin imperihome, (I am about to decommission this plugin anyway)
                              I have deleted all pages above 10 ( Jon00HSTileX.ini and Jon00HSTileDataX.ini) , changed the "no of pages" in 10
                              changed this:

                              inserted a tile with [executiontime], copied another tile the for a simple on off toggle switch for a light for test purposes.

                              But I even can not move the tiles anymore, as soon as I hit the stop button and I move the tile , hit stop button again . it takes about 10 seconds to load the page , and the tile is again in the old position.

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	2023-03-19 00_11_53-Home automation Heubergau - AnyDesk.jpg
Views:	82
Size:	38.5 KB
ID:	1599060

                              Maybe the best way is to start from scratch? It is not a big deal and I can copy paste most of the data in a text file and recreate the pages one by one. Or do you have another suggestion?
                              To start from scratch, wise to put a backup from 3 weeks ago back where HStiles was not yet installed? ( i will loose some events I created) , or is there an easier way?

                              Thanks, Cornelis


                                Originally posted by kenm View Post
                                One big page with lots of tiles vs. smaller pages embedded with [iframe] on a big page?

                                After working out some concepts I'm now ready to take a stab at an overview page. It looks like this page would have 400-500 tiles. From a performance standpoint, would it be better to create smaller pages (480x480, 640x480) using HSTile and use [iframe] to embed those in tiles on a larger page (1920x1080) or should I just put all of the tiles on the same page?
                                Hmm. Not sure you would be happy with the performance with that number of tiles. Each tile which has the possibility of a status update change, adds around 2-15 milliseconds to the update time. Do the math....