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  • new keypadlinc problem

    Hi Mark,
    I've been using your plugin for several months, and have found it an excellent interface for running HS3 events. My home has more than 15 insteon devices. I've just had to replace a keypadlinc dimmer module (Smarthome) as the existing device (several years old) failed. That keypad accepted several factory resets, then completely failed.
    The new device has been installed, and successfully set up by your plugin. No problems, and I can control the keypad button lamps (and load) using HS3 device management. The system does not communicate from the keypad to HS3 however (no event triggering or log entries from keypad inputs). My hardware is an S6 Pro connected to a Dell PC.
    All programming was successful for the keypad, and complete in restoring current links. Can you please provide me some instruction for returning to full bi-directional communication.
    Peter Dawson
    Portsmouth, NH

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    After some study and reviewing your plug-in's commands and notes, I discovered that I needed to use the "Program Device For Homeseer" function to enable 2-way communication. It now works as it should.


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      Well that was easy Glad you got it working. When you register a new device, the plugin will program the device with the necessary links for 2-way comm. you should only need to use the function if links get corrupt or deleted.

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        I'm not sure how or why the links became corrupt. After installing the keypad and registering its address inside your plugin, I simply selected "replace" device. I didn't select "re-program" the device, but did finally see (after writing to you) the message on your plugin "the device needs programming in order to communicate with Homeseer." In other words, the plugin did recognize that client communication would not function until further action was taken.
        Thanks for the fast response to my posting,