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    To start off - I have not looked in the manual yet.

    Yesterday while working on other stuff I switched the ADIOcelot to XAP node and found that the normal communications from Ocelot to HS were stopped. Alright should have known that. I did not spend any time on it because I was working another item at the time.

    Ever since then I've been wondering how much work it is going to take to continue converting towards xap.

    When I put Ocelot into XAP node mode does it send out all changes that it sees or do I need to program the Ocelot on what to send? When I send information to Ocelot do I send it as a xap or do I send it via serial communication as I do currently?

    Also right now it's not an issue but is there a way to tell James' XAP conduit not to broadcast certain devices? I have a Humidity Sensor that feeds 1-5 V back to the Secu/Ocelot that then sends a value of 0-255 depending on the voltage. So there is a lot of activity on the variable causing a lot of activity on xap which is not needed or wanted.

    I find my self going more and more towards xap.

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    You will need to ask James about any filtering ability his plugin can provide. You may also want to apply some filtering in your algorithm since the actual humidy does not change very quickly so you should not be showing it hopping around in Homeseer.

    The ADIOcelot xAP node will be useful to you as an X10 and IR interface, but I have a Homeseer-related schema implemented for changes in variables and IO points. I may move toward BSC schema, but this was done before BSC was defined. James's plugin will likely not know what to do with my Homeseer schema.

    I learned late in the game that Homeseer ignores devices that have an interface property that is set to a plugin that is not installed. This makes it awkward to migrate back and forth from xAP node to HS Plugin. This would not generally be a problem since I run virtually everything as xAP nodes, but it is a hassle when I need to put a plugin back for testing to support other users of the plugin.


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      I put the BSC schema into xapmcsADIOcelot and posted it in the mcsPlugins xap subforum. This will give you something to play with if you desire.