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Analog input problems

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    Analog input problems


    I'm new to Homeseer, but I've had my CPUXA and SECU16 for some time with ECS, which I'm abandoning for Homeseer.

    The Ocelot (CPUXA) works fine with X10, and the SECU16 devices were created when I added the plugin as a IO device. The problem is that the analog values aren't showing up in Homeseer. I have configured them as analog (they originally said digital after the plugin added them) and the value simply reads as 0. I checked CMAX and the current value for the I/0 input I'm testing reads 112. Not so in Homeseer. I've tried both the Homeseer plugin and now ADIOcelot (which is much more flexible, by the way!)

    Do I need to be running CMAX 2.0 and the corresponding executive in the Ocelot? I'm current running 1.70 but I could upgrade.

    I've seen posts that talk about copying the I/O value to a CMAX variable, but since the device is there, what's the point of this? I may give it a shot anyway.

    Any help in getting analog values that read correctly and update is appreciated.

    I believe that CMAX is needed if the input is configured as analog rather than supervised. This is due to a architectural performance issue. It seems you know how to do this already, but if you need instructions then there is an instruction at post 183 of


      Thanks Michael, I finally dug around in the board and found this out. It also appears that the ocelot.GetPoint function works correctly, and allows you to get around needing the CMAX code, but it's fairly slow since it has to poll the Ocelot. I plan to add the CMAX code since this is the expected procedure.

      Slightly off topic - Is there a way to track down a reference to the old board in the current board? There are many posts that reference the old board, but of course the links don't work. Is there a way to take the URL and find the reference on the new board? This would have saved me some time.


        I would be surprised if infopop's board is still available. Most things were copied, but of course links point to invalid location now. The search/advanced search is the best shot.