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Secu16IR Whole house A/V control

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    Pronto .CCF files are the way to go especially if you are able to get ones containing discrete codes for ON/OFF. Most remotes only have a power toggle button but manufacturers often have discrete ON/OFF codes that are used by techs during development.

    I cannot give you an answer on the easiest way to get .CCF imported into Ocelot and ultimately HS. You do not want to go through what I did as it would have been easier, at that time, for me to learn the commands (other than discretes).

    After I was done, I found easier methods but since I did not need them, I did not use them and have since forgotten. So, try signing up at the ADI message board and do some browsing there. You will also find posts on the HS message board by Jon Armstrong who has been a tremendous help with IR.

    If all else fails, learn all the commands but use IRMax for the individual discrete codes for each unit.
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      I'm having a problem in that only the first 3 devices in the list will work with this function(and the orginal PlayIREx()). The function returns zero.

      Hover I can use the event syntax with all devices in my list (e.g [2]cd play). So I don't think it my configuration that has a problem.

      is there a debug flag that I turn on for the plug-in to see whrre the failure occurs?

      Thanks for your help


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        I put log output in this test version as the dictionary is being built and as the playzonedir is being processed. See if it tells you anything.
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          It looks like it stops building the dictionary at IR location 100. are you using a for loop set to 100 to read? Let me know if you want a copy of the ir.cfg file or the log output.



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            OK...I found the issue. The dictionary build stops when there are duplicate labels for the same device. I removed the dups and it built for all the devices. Thanks