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Choose house code?

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  • Michael McSharry
    The interface name is the same between the two so the house code should of been maintained. The plugin looks through all the devices at the .interface property and then uses the HC pair it finds for subsequent device creation. What I would do is write a short script that loops through all the devices that have the new house code and change it to ^. It would be best to do this without the ocelot plugins installed. When ADIOcelot starts it will find the ^ in the device as long as the .interface property of the device is "Applied Digital Ocelot".

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  • cadillackid
    started a topic Choose house code?

    Choose house code?

    I decided to switch to the ADIOcelot plugin instead of the common HST one, mainly for better device control, however something happened and it is using a different house code. my original one used house code ^ so I wrote all my scripts around this, is there any way to get the devices to resemble this? or should I just plan on editing the 20 or so scripts I have using the ocelot?