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Possible X10 Problem from ADIO Ocelot

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    Possible X10 Problem from ADIO Ocelot


    I use the ADIO Ocelot plugin to handle my X10 tx / rx with HS2, and the RCS X10 thermostat plugin. I've been having a few thermostat problems, and Jim Doolittle (author of the thermostat plugin) noticed that one entry in my log was likely to be a problem for the thermostat plugin, and was likely being generated by the Ocelot plugin.

    The entry was:

    H13 (?) H5 (?) H14 (?) H Preset Dim2 24

    Can anyone tell me what the Ocelot plugin is trying to accomplish with this? If not critical, can I somehow disable it, so as not to confuse the thermostat plugin?

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    This would be a lot easier if I knew what I was doing...

    Are you using a PSC05? I've had to completely remove the PSC05 from my ocelot becuase it kept putting X10 noise on the line. This is documented at this forum as well as

    X10 reliability of my system increased 10 fold, to like 99.99% after I removed the PSC05 from the Ocelot (I use a TI103 as my X10 interface).

    It's not an issue with the PSC05 itself, as the one that's connected to my thermostat works just fine, it's just the combo of the Ocelot and PSC05.
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      Just beware that there are some known problems with the TI103 plug-in as well:



        I do use a PSC05


        I do use a PSC05, and have just unplugged it to see if that helps. However, I've used it for about a year now with the Ocelot, with no real problems.

        Whatever I have happening, the actual problem that I see seems confined to running events tied to my RCS X10 thermostat plugin. I can change the temp using the GUI or the status page, but when an event runs that is supposed to turn the heat seatpoint up or down, it does nothing. Driving me crazy. Jim thought it might be tied to the X10 signals generated by the Ocelot plugin, but I'm having my doubts about that.

        Thanks for the heads up on the problems. I'll look into it.

        This would be a lot easier if I knew what I was doing...


          Just to clarify, my comments about problematic X10 command are regarding received commands. If the received command is faulty, then the source cause is the stat's PSC05, the X10 interface used for HS, or HS itself. The issue could reside with any of the three.
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