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Smooth install - 1 question

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    Smooth install - 1 question

    Coverted over from the standard supplied to the ADIO with virtually no issues. RTM and was prepared.

    Only question I have is this, The first and last ( #1 and #64) variables remain in the HS listing even though I uncheck them in ADIO, it asks if I'd like to act upon these changes, Click Update, but they are never removed. Not a biggie, just wondering....

    The design is to assure at least one device is retained in HS per house code so HS does not reassign the house code to another plugin. If it is working correctly then you should be able to deselect these two devices if you have another selected within the house code.

    Pick up the message board post for ADIOcelot updates if you have any relay outputs. HS2 changed the inteface from HS1 and the update is needed to control the relays. You will also need to change the Interface property of the devices for this as well and it is done from the plugin with a new radio button control to accomplish it. I need to update the manual and then give the update to Rick for the updater.