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Adding new modules to existing setup

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  • Adding new modules to existing setup

    I have wired in a new SECU16 IR. I have 2 other modules in the system already. I have read up and was warned that addressing a new module will clear the others out. Do I still go thru the auto-adressing practice described by the Ocelot manual, pressing the auto address button on each unit? That seems like I need CMAX up and running in order to do this, I don't even have that loaded on this machine as far as I know.

    What is the best practice, I do not want to end up clearing out a bunch of work.

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    I chanced it.. I loaded CMAX, shut down HS. Fired up CMAX and did the auto program routine - auto addressed (pressing the button in the module) all the modules in the same order they existed before and the new one last. Shut down CMAX, and fired up HS. All was well, nothing lost.

    Left this here for those that are going to wonder about this in the future.


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      I have each one of my modules wired into its own port on a patch panel. if I have to add or replace a defective module, I unplug all the modules that I dont want to touch.. go into Cmax and auto address.. and press Skip till I get to the module number I want to assign and then let it see that one.. then I plug in all the modules to the patch panel and reboot the ocelot.. this way modules that are a little tougher to get to such as humidity sensors in furnace ducts etc arent affected...
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