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IR distribution w/ocelot and DS18S20 temp sensors...same run?

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  • IR distribution w/ocelot and DS18S20 temp sensors...same run?

    Didn't really know where to post this, so I put it in general and TEMP08/05, but thought I should point to it here as well. The topic is at

    Here's the jist of it:

    I'm getting ready to wire in some DS18S20 1 wire temp sensors and the IR distribution via Ocelot/SECU16IR.

    Here's my series of questions:
    1. Does the SECU16IR support IR "blasters" (ie, install across the room from the device, as opposed to sticking on the device)
    2. If I do a homerun from each location to my Central Control Room of Cat5, can I include the IR and the 1wire on the same run, and install them in the same location in the room? (I know there are enough wires avail on the cat5, I'm just wondering about the following)
      • Can IR emitters/blasters be soldered to cat5?
      • Can the 1/8" plug on the SECU16IR end be soldered to the cat5?
      • Are there length limitations to this?
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