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I can't figure it out

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    I can't figure it out

    Hi everyone

    I am in need of some help. I have the ocelot controller, and HS 2.1

    I am trying to integrate IR into triggers for remote control of some insteon lights, as well as eventually having insteon trigger an ir macro or two.

    I have done a fair amount of reading, but can't seem to make any progress.

    I have made it as far as trying both of the different drivers into Homeseer (don't know which one is better), along with installing the cmax from the website (2.0 is on the website, 1.7 was on the install cd)

    I have tried creating a project in cmax 2.0, along with attaching to controller and saving .ir file.

    I am really lost.

    Thank you.

    Can you elaborate on exactly what you're trying to accomplish? If I'm reading this correctly, you are wanting to use IR to turn on an Insteon light? How are you getting your IR to the Ocelot?


      I have several ways to do that, from an RF to IR converter for my RF remotes to my Russound Cav 6.6 having an IR system built into it.

      Right now I am just trying to learn it into the Ocelot's little window, and then I will hook up the infrared plumbing for distribution.




        I got it figured out

        I got it figured out.

        For those of you that are new that are having similar issues:

        Choose 1 plug in- Adiocelot or just plain Ocelot.

        Second, make sure that you go into Setup and then Web Site and enable the IR Signals button.

        Then you can have fun!