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    Ocelot/Secu16 questions

    I'm replacing my slinke and would like to use the Ocelot. Can anyone answer a few questions for me?
    1. Can the Ocelot/Secu16 solution receive IR commands and pass them to HomeSeer? I know you can send command from them, but I have events in HS (using slinke) that get triggered from IR commands.
    2. I am currently distributing my IR using slinke via cat5 cabling. When I set this up, I cut a cat5 cable and wired the "cut" end into the slinke and plugged the cat5 conector into my patch panel. On the other side, I took the other half of the cat5 cable and plugged the connector into the wall and wired the "cut" end into the xantech connector block. Since the Secu16 has those micro-jacks, how do I connect the secu16 into my cat5 patch panel? Are there cables available that have a mini-plug on one end and a cat5 connector on the other? If so, then I need to know how to properly wire the zantech connecting block on the other end.

    IR is bidirectional with Homeseer and the ocelot.

    The ocelot without the SECU16IR will provide 1 channel of IR that can be wired to the xantech connecting block. It is likely this is what you want rather than using the SECU16IR which has 16 separate outputs. I dont have wiring info, but my guess is that you looking at making a custom cable if you are going from 1/8" mono to a cat 5 patch panel.


      Thanks for the response. I'm going to post the cabling question on the Applied Digital site and see if I get anyone who has more info on it there. I have several locations throughout my house that I need to send/receive IR to, so I figured I need the secu16.


        You want the SECU16IR if you have identical equipment at different locations so you can direct the IR to specific units. If you do not have this restriction then you will find things with IR easier if you route from the Ocelot to an amplified IR distribution block and then from there to everywhere you need it.


          On the Ocelot, I see one IR Emitter port and one Aux IR Receiver port. On the Secu16, I see one IR-in and 15 IR outs. If I am going to send and receive IR, it looks like I need to wire to both the IR in and IR out? If that is the case, then I must somehow "combine" the multiple zones into one mini plug for the IR In right? How is this done?

          Since I am going to go over cat5, then I don't know how the wire to the xantech connecting block should be done.

          Or are you telling me that I will not be using the IR-in, since HomeSeer is "bidirectional" with the ocelot.


            I cannot advise on the SECU16IR.

            In my case, I have multiple locations with handheld remotes I have an IR receiver in the room where the remote it used and route the output of these receivers to a IR mouse that is attached to my central IR receiver. This cental receiver is the input to the IR distribution block and one of the outputs of this block is the IR input window of the Ocelot. In essence it is an optically-implemented OR. Some also use RF to do this such as the Pryamid IR->RF->RF->IR. One RF receiver at your ocelot and a RF transmitter in each room where a handheld remote is located.

            The technique I use allows me to use the MCE IR and the Homeseer IR all going through the same distribution system yet serviced by different computers.


              I guess I don't get it.

              When I had my slinke, I placed an xantech connctor block out by the remote and had an IR emitter and IR target plugged into it. From the xantech connector block, I connected my "cut" end of the cat5 cable to the "+12 VDC", "GND" and "IR IN" connections. The other end plugged into my wallplate.

              Down by the slinke, I plugged my cat5 cable into the wallplate, and wired the "cut" end into one of the slinke ir ports (3 wires that correspond to the 3 above). This then let me do IR in and out.

              So now I'm trying to replace the xantech with the ocelot (and secu16 if needed). I have 3 remote locations, so I need to get IR in and out to 3 locations.

              If I only use the Ocelot and get a amplified IR distribution block (can you point me to one?), will this let me do what I want? If so, I'm assuming that the amplified distribution block must "combine" the 3 IR INs ( in to the Ocelot) and "split" the IR outs (coming from the Ocelot IR emitter). Is this the way it would work?? The I would just have to create cables from the amplified IR distribution block to my Cat5 wallplate, right?

              Thanks for your patience,


                I've never used IR much but I'll point out a couple of things before you get too far. For the ocelot you have to use the Adicon IR receiver with the IR-in jack. You can't wire it to a distribution system. The adicon IR receiver preprocesses the signal before it gets to the ocelot. The IR-In jack on the Secu16IR isn't supported- it's a leftover from equipment that Adicon doesn't make anymore. As I said, I don't really use the IR so you may want to confirm this on the Appdig site.