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IR logic and plug-in acting

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    IR logic and plug-in acting

    Hello all,

    I just started the testing period with HS in order to switch the live HA system to Homeseer (currently using HAL).
    I consider the ADIOcelot plug-in one of the most important plug-ins for me as most of the hardware in my house id Adicon based.

    Now, I have some issues to clarify regarding the IR.
    (I am using 3 x Secu 16 IR + the Ocelot output)

    1. Into ADIOcelot plug-in -> "Setup" menu -> "CMax" tab
    when I hit the "Synchronize HS/CMAX" (Cmax master) nothing seems to happening (Ir labels checked).

    I already have about 500 IR codes in Ocelot named in the "System Map" and I hoped that their names will be copied into HS.

    2. Into the "Infrared signal configuration" screen I am not sure I understand what is the use for "Device Default Output Zone" field.

    As I noticed it is automatically inserted with same name as Device Name I don't know what is this for.

    3. In the same screen I can't understand what is the "Zone Name or Device Name" area (bottom of the page).

    Why I should insert something there is the Zone name is automatically inserted when I add an IR above?

    4. In the "Status" -> "Add Device" screen is a field named "Select Zone" when I have to add new key for a IR Device.

    By testing, I noticed that when I change that Zone some different points from the first noticed Secu 16 IR

    Is this the logic of the "Zone" field?

    5. In the "Config" folder I noticed multiple files with same name (with a number added):

    etc ------


    etc ------

    Considering the numerotation I belive there are a some sort of old files for the .ini files. Can I remove them?

    I'll stop here for the moment to not keep the questions list too long.

    Thank you very much,