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I am having trouble creating I/O devices for SECU16IR

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    I am having trouble creating I/O devices for SECU16IR

    I finally started to add my ocelot to my HS setup. The current setup is that my ocelot is connect to the HS machine via a serial-USB adapter, this in turn is connected to my SECU16IR (device 1) and then to my SECU16 (device 2).
    Loaded ADIOcelot opened com 7 and I can see the Ocelot and the modules.
    I then created some variables in homeseer. But when I go to I/O devices under configure interface I do see under units discovered Ocelot, SECU16Ir and the SECU16. So far everything is good.
    When I selected SECU16 and create I/O I get all the I/O points in the right hand pane. But when I select SECI16IR and do the same I get nothing. How do I create I/O points for the SECU16IR? The ADIOcelot_Readme.doc under heading 2.4 does not say much about this execpt that clicking the button will populate the fields. Any ideas?

    IR locations are not created as devices. HS manages the SECU16IR as an IR device with multiple zones.

    I dont have one myself so I cannot give any particulars. There are others that do have it and are using ADIOcelot. I would polk around the IR setup within HS and see if anything makes sense there.


      I have a Secu16IR and there are no devices created for the IR points nor should there be. 1024 devices would be overwhelming. The IR points can be accessed via scripts and events and the HS/Ocelot plug-in will do the job.

      Now, if you create an infrared device within HomeSeer for each piece of equipment being controlled or a global one, you will get devices within HomeSeer and the device will show the last IR command used for that particular infrared device.

      Note that if you use an IR remote to control the equipment, you will need IR receivers that are placed at source and return back to Ocelot. I know you can do one receiver but am not sure how you would deal with multiple. Otherwise, the infrared devices will not know about buttons pushed on the IR remote.

      Another thing you will notice about the infrared devices is that HomeSeer has a control page for each of them that shows a rudimentary "virtual remote" with buttons. A touch screen browsed to this page works great!
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        I do understand to logic of not having IR devices, but the ADIOcelot_readme.doc clearly has a picture of the SECU 16IR creating I/O devices. Is this a HS pre V2.0 thing?

        I need some help in proceeding with getting codes into HS. So I go to the infrared panel and add device. Right now I just created a device for my Anthem preamp power on in HS infrared. When I try to learn the command nothing happens. Should there be a popup menu telling that the IR command was stored? I am pointing the remote at the Ocelot IR receiver.
        Should I be learning commands in to the Ocelot via cmax through the plugin or directly in the HS Infrared page?
        If I am learning the command in the HS directly, where is it stored? If it is in the Ocelot, then does the location in the HS always correspond to the Ocleot location?