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The log fonction is not working

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    The log fonction is not working


    I made my alarm system from an ocelot custom program. Everything works fine.

    In Homeseer, I can play with it pretty much, but something happend yesterday and I wanted to check the last door opening, actually the last 3 front door open ( me, then Wife...... then Kid # 1 way later )

    On morning I took the newspaper and open the door, in Homeseer, last opening time is OK but I can't find it in the log for the last opening.

    I have check in the device option and I ahve the option "NOT" to log device but even un selected, It is not logging.

    I would like to log every opening of few devices....

    Please help



    The logging is a Homeseer function and not a plugin function. If you see the device status changing in Homeseer you should see a corresponding log entry if I understand how HS is suppose to work. Note that Device Value changes are not Device Status changes and generally the Ocelot interface is with values rather than status. There are exceptions.