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IR starting over. How-to? Best way?

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    IR starting over. How-to? Best way?


    It has been a long time since I setup my Ocelot for IR control of all my A/V equipment. It was with HS 1.x at that time. Everything is working.

    Now that I have a new Sony LCD with 7 video input that I found discreet code for, I'm looking at my current working config and I'm finding it a bit confusing. The mapping between HS, ADIOcelot and Ocelot is not clean at all.

    The ADIOcelot remap fields are empty. I don't understand the HS IR number position vs Ocelot IR position. It's not matching...

    The best would be to start again clean. My questions are:
    • How do I reset my Ocelot IR codes?
    • How do I reset HS IR codes?
    • How do I reset ADIOcelot IR codes?
    I alreadey saved all my IR codes from the Ocelot to preserve my discreets codes.

    I need to know what else to backup in case I need to go back.

    There is an ir.cfg and zones.cfg or similar filenames that HS1 used for IR information. I do not know what HS2 does. These are the files that ADIOcelot uses, but are not essential since the interface with HS 2 is only a location number within the Ocelot or SECUIR. The names are all managed independently.

    The mapping within ADIOcelot was to overcome the need for contiguous IR locations for HS1 IR Device model. It is something that you will not be concerned with for HS2.

    IR from the Ocelot perspective can be managed physically with CMAX or IRMAX. The label names are in the Ocelot System Map. I do not think you reset them, but just load new patterns in via IRMAX or learning via CMAX or HS.

    The setting used by ADIOcelot are retained in the same settings.ini file used by the HST Ocelot plugin. I do not think there is IR information in settings.ini.


      Thank you for the information Michael.

      I'm using HS2. I will look at the files you talk about tonight. Something i think i could do is a search for files that contains one of my IR label.

      If I can find enough information on how it is working, maybe i won't need to start over.

      That's the problem with stuff that is alway working... You forget how to use it!