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Lame question concerning Ocelot discovery

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  • Lame question concerning Ocelot discovery

    Frustrated here... I got tired of all the wall warts servicing my various units (ocelot, secu16i, secu16, Bobcat light sensor) so I got a 1 amp wall wart and rewired everything. I have power and commA and commB going to four connection blocks and ran everything from there with 16gauge wire. Now I can't communicate with anything but my Ocelot. I have tried auto addressing by pushing the button on the various units, and the comm light blinks about 2 times a second. I'm assuming that everything is in auto address. I did this one at a time.

    Gone over the manual several times, but I must be missing something. I have double checked my wiring (many times) and even
    run new wire, but I can't see the slave modules.

    Can someone hit me over the head with possible solutions?


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    Try reducing the wiring to the ocelot and one module - wire straight between them if needed. When that works add the next. For reference, my comm lights are a very fast flicker. The wiring is supposed to be a daisy chain from one module to the next but there is latitude in that since the ocelot comm rate is relatively slow..

    I don't think pressing the address button on the module will do anything unless you were running Cmax and had started the auto-address function. Once you start the auto-address in Cmax then the Oclelot tells all modules to forget it's number. It then asks for a new address from the ocleot when it's button is pressed.



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      Thanks for the response. Went on ADI's web site and saw that some people were having lighting problems. Exactly what happened here. Comm blinking is really slow. I think I'll try replacing the chip suggested and see what happens.