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Response only on housecode A

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  • Response only on housecode A

    <tt>I just bought an Ocelot with XM10 Controller Module (TW523 Equivalent)</tt>
    <tt>and connect it together and installed the ADIOcelot plugin. All LEDs</tt>
    <tt>works fine as they should, but when I send an ON or OFF command only</tt>
    <tt>device in house code A response to the command (I can see the XM10 and</tt>
    <tt>Ocelot LEDs is blinking). If I send command to, say K1, I see no</tt>
    <tt>response and the XM10 and Ocelot LEDs is not blinking. </tt>

    <tt>I'm using Ocelot with a power transformer since the adapter is an 120V</tt>
    <tt>and I live where 220V is used. Also, I pluged the power adapter to a</tt>
    <tt>power strip and not directly to the plug to the wall.</tt>

    <tt>What seems to be problem ? </tt>

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    How are you sending the command to the Ocelot? Can you use CMax and try sending commands this way?
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      Well, I did try the C-Max software and it's even worse. I can't turn On or Off any of my lights or modules even if the log says that the command was sent.
      I do get "Comms Retry crc 113 RX0" in C-Max error log but in homeseer I don't have that kind error or any error at all, it's just that only few of my device are controlable in homeseer and non of them is controlable in C-Max.

      One more thing, I use VMware as my XP machine.



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        Sounds like you many need to try this on a "normal" XP install.


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          You have HomeSeer shut down when running C-Max correct? Also, baud rates, etc... set correctly in C-Max?
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            Baud rate? How do I set baud rate in C-Max and what baud rate should I set it to? I'm connected through COM1 not a modem.