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Where can I purchase a self-powered IR Blaster for Ocelot

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  • Where can I purchase a self-powered IR Blaster for Ocelot

    I seem to be throwing money away. I purchased the USB-UIRT only to find out that support for is not the greatest. So I took the plunge and bought an Ocelot only to find out it can't send an IR signal across the room.

    I want to set up the Ocelot near our home theater seating which is where HomeSeer computer with its 10" touch screen will reside as the "remote" for HomeSeer. I want to push a button on the Screen and have the lights dim and the A/V equipment come up ready to play a movie.

    I don't want IR emitters stuck to the front of my TV or A/V equipment. So where do I find such an IR blaster that will work with the Ocelot? According to ADI the IR Blaster has to be self-powered.

    I don't do well with building things electronic, so this ether needs to be pre-made or I'm willing to pay some one to build it.

    Your help in this matter will be greatly appreciated!

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    Why didnt the usbuirt work. It has a very good IR blaster.