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Question about SECU-16 and event triggers

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    Question about SECU-16 and event triggers

    I have an Ocelot and a secu-16. Up until now, I have only used the relay side of the secu-16. Today I tried to work with one of the supervised inputs.

    The secu-16 input jumper is on pins 2-3. I used a resister in-line, and the input is triggered by a contact closure. I used the plugin to enable that input, and it shows up as a device in HS2. The HS2 Status page shows the device as "OFF" (contact open), or "ON" (contact closed). This functions perfectly.

    Here's my question -
    I would like to set up an event in HS to trigger off of this "device". When I create a new event, this device is not available in the drop down list of "Device Status Change" (which uses "ON" and "OFF" type status). It is only available in the drop down list of "Device Value Change" ("less than", "equal to", "greater than"....).

    I simply want to trigger my event based on the status of this device ("ON" and "OFF"). Am I missing some setting?

    I don't have much experience with this.
    Thanks for your help.


    Try this htread and see if it takes care of the issue.


      Yes, the script mentioned in that thread seems to have corrected the problem.
      These forums are amazing. Thanks for the speedy help!

      Jim H.


        By the way - I updated to 1.14.4 from these forums (just now), but the HS2 upadater was still showing 1.14.3 as latest.