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secu16 outputs dead after reinstall

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  • secu16 outputs dead after reinstall


    I have just finished my most succesful reinstall of homseer. This time through choice I might add (computer upgrade). However, the secu16 won't play ball. It works fine via cmax but hs refuses to operate the outputs. I have checked the plugin name option having fallen foul of that one last time I did a reinstall but that is correctly set as Adiocelot. Homeseer sees inputs changing ok.
    Any suggestions? My waf is falling rapidly without it! Running 2.3.00.


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    Post #106 at looks to be similiar. See it it helps.


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      Yes problem sounds the same. But deleting and then recreating the output doesn't change anything except for upsetting events associated with the device. I now get lots of entries in the log Delete (EventActions) 2 Error: Could not delete from specified tables. The 'new' ouput is still not responding.

      So now the situation seems worse! How are people opening up the MDB file to check that? Also there doesnt seem to be any entries for the secu in the xml file. I imagine there should be.



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        Microsoft Access is used to view the database .mdb file

        According to the DeviceClass definition in the HS Help file the following are the applicable bits of the .misc property. When set to 32768 (08000) then I would expect normal operations on the output points. When set to -32768 (F8000) then I would expect further restrictions on its behavior. It does not make sense that the editing done on the referenced post would have any positive effect. According to the HS Help for 2.3 there was no change between 2.2 and 2.3 in the DeviceClass properties. ADIOcelot accepts both status change and value change to control output points so unless the control parameters were changed with HS 2.3 it should work the same between the two. It could also be the case that there are undocumented bits in the upper word that affect the behavior such as calling all plugins rather than just the plugin that matches the .interface property.

        &h8000 = This device, when its value is changed, should call SetIO/SetIOEx in the plug-in that owns it.

        &h10000 = If set, this device will only allow ON and OFF actions in the event properties

        &h20000 = If set, this device will not appear in the device status change trigger list or the device condition list