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Ocelot not receiving HS2 commands

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  • Ocelot not receiving HS2 commands

    I just updated the plug in for the Ocelot. I went into config and clicked on the create devices button. I then went to Status and saw that there were 128 variables created (named ^1 through ^64 and ]1 through ]64). I have my Ocelot connected to 2 RLY8-XA devices). I deleted all the created valiables except for ^1 through ^8 and ]1 through ]8. I then changed each of the remaining valiables to digital output and saved them. When I try to turn one of the variables on and off, I watch the ocelot. The active light never lights up when I click on the On or Off button. I am wondering if HS2 is sending the commands to the Ocelot or not. How can I tell?


    Note: I am using this setup to have HS2 be able to control a series of speakers which are located throughout the house. The speakers are wired 1 wire into a speaker selector switch and the other wire into the RLY8-XA. With the circut normally off, no sound signal makes it to the speaker. When the Ocelot instructs the RLY8-XA to "turn on", the circut is complete and the sound signal makes it to the speaker.

    Note 2: The Active light on the Ocelot flashes on and off 3 times at regular intervals even though no signals (that I know of) are being sent to the Ocelot.

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    My memory is that only devices that you explicity select are created with ADIOcelot. Are you certain you have ADIOcelot plugin installed and not the HST-provided Applied Digital Ocelot plugin?


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      I have the Applied Digital Ocelot enabled (hspi_ocelot.dll version 2.2.2433.35446) installed and enabled. I also have the ADIOcelot installed but disabled. The Applied Digital Ocelot plug in allows for the creation of devices when I click on the configure option. The ADIOcelot does not have a configure button when enabled.


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        ADIOcelot is accesed from the same page as where HS displays the log. I suggest you post on the HST forum to address questions on Applied Digital Ocelot (.dll) as users of that plugin will be better able to address the questions.