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    I've had my ocelot for years but never used it for IR. The other day I hooked it up, ran the plug in-- learned a few codes and can transmit them just fine.

    I've been browsing this forum for a bit-- but it seems I am way behind the curve here. I am trying to do a few things....

    I'd like to be able to load IR commands from the remotecontrol website. I can learn IR commands-- but I don't seem to be able to load them. My TV is a panasonic-- and the button on the remote in power. I know there are on and off commands. I'd like to use those.

    My Blueray player- it says I can learn the commands but it doesn't seem to transmit them properly too.

    My ocelot is next to the TV- and I have a dual emiiter.

    Do I need to use CMAX to load the values-- and if so how do I get homeseer to recongnize them?
    HS3 Pro Edition (Windows Server 8.1 on ESXi box)

    Plug-Ins Enabled:
    weatherXML:,JowiHue:,APCUPSD:,PHLocation:,Chromecast:,EasyTr igger: